Cartagena Walking Tour

About Cartagena Walking Tour

This exciting tour begins at the Fernandez Madrid square, where our friendly tour
guide will start the walk around the old town. With every small street and
alley walked, the colonial charm of this magical place will take over. The next
stop is the San Diego square, a trendy spot for foodies in one of Cartagena’s
most traditional and history filled neighborhoods.

The stroll will take you to the old military deposits called “Las Bovedas”, where you can
find all types of handcrafted items and other curiosities. This is the perfect
spot to begin our walk on top of this protective belt and stand on a piece of
the history of the Caribbean and the world. Along the wall, there are many
beautiful stops to appreciate the old buildings, the modern twists and houses
of great Colombian personalities such as Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia
Marquez whose love of the city was immortalized on his works.

In one of many stops, the group can visit the traditional Heredia theater today renamed
Teatro Adolfo Mejia, one of the most beautiful works of classical architecture
in the continent.

As the adventure progresses, the walk will take you to the famous Santo Domingo
square, feel the art view, the dances, learn from our African heritage, watch
the passion on the descendants of slaves whose traditions dances and culture
survived and flourished in this new world. Walk through the Bolivar square,
visit the cathedral, the inquisition palace, the gold museum, the emerald
museum and much more. Learn first-hand about the riches of Colombia and Latin
America, Spanish colonial system and the gate to the American continent during
the Spanish empire.

The next stop is the San Pedro Claver square with its great church and museum. Learn
first-hand the history of this great man, defender of slaves.

As the stroll comes to an end the final stop is the Aduana square where the mayor’s
office is located, one of the most important spots in the old town and a
historic place of defiance, freedom and heroism which gives Cartagena her nickname
“la Heroica”, the heroic city.

Come with us, feel the history let the past come alive before your eyes!

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What´s included

  • Three-hour tour
  • Certified bilingual guide
  • Bottled water for the tour

What´s not included

  • Ticketsfor museums (you can pay for the tickets and the guide will be with you all thetime explaining all about the history of everything inside of the museum thatyou pick)
  • Pickup/droop off (can be arrange)

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Editors Tips

"Take your camera with full battery"

" Take additional water"

"Museum tickets aren't expensive at all"