La vitrola Restaurant

Restaurant La Vitrola The Vitrola Bistro-Bar is one of the oldest and most renowned restaurants in Cartagena. Called in honor of an old record player of acetate, it is a pleasant restaurant for every occasion because of its quiet and bohemian atmosphere. For over 30 years it has been characterized by being the favorite among the people of the Cartagena elite, celebrities and distinguished businessmen who constantly visit the city.
The Vitrola offers you in their menu, a great variety of exquisite dishes where you can choose between seafood, poultry, meats and desserts; As well as a wide selection of Chilean, Argentine, Spanish and Italian wines.

In this colorful restaurant, an old piano and a phonograph are just the mouthpiece of a Cuban style decoration; Ceiling fans, trunks and old paintings and an orchestra to set the scene are part of the proposal.

Its privileged location in one of the most important streets of the historic center, Calle Baloco, make it one of the most sought-after restaurants in the city, which is why you should book your table in advance.

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